the newest luxury waterfront rental building developed by Roseland Properties is one of the most sought after luxury waterfront rentals in the Port Imperial section of the “Gold Coast”.
A 5 minute walk to the ferry, RiverParc rentals offers convenience that many other properties don’t seem to have access too.
“RiverParc” amenities  include temperature controlled indoor pool which virtually no other residence offers in the area.
“RiverParc” Weehawken has an expansive outdoor courtyard with panoramic views of  Manhattan where residents are able to use one of the many state of the art barbeque stations to kick back and enjoy their day or evening.
For those who are business minded, “RiverParc” gives access to one of two private conference rooms where individuals can set up meetings or where students can focus on studying for their school work.
RiverParc provides for children who can look forward to is the game room, where there are multiple gaming stations set-up which include Playstation 4, Nintendo Wi, as well as Xbox One. Adults too can enjoy their entertainment by entering a virtual golf simulator with many locations and maps to choose from.
Over-all, it seems (at least to me) that RiverParc Waterfront Luxury Rentals is one of Roseland’s finest.  RiverParc is an example of Roseland  perfection of luxury rentals on the Hudson and its approach in building the perfect residential community .
RiverParc has functional lay-outs of the apartments, convenient locations or the simple aesthetic but modern style of the buildings, “RiverParc” is a perfect example of the outstanding  vision that Roseland Properties is in mind for the future.
Written by:
RAFFI KHOROZIAN – For Luxury Rentals
Ranked #1 NJMLS 2015-2016
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